All About Jim

I live with my wife in the Chihuahua desert which provides my backyard in the form of a hill studded with salt bush. creosote, ocotillos and ground cacti. Actually I’ve lived in many extraordinary places; on an island in Wisconsin’s north woods where sunset was heralded by the haunting cries of loons and in a home in the Northwest set amid acres of rainforest so deep that the ground beneath the soaring trees lay hidden in perpetual dusk.

Beside all that there is of course there is the usual tedium: I was born in Wisconsin, raised mostly in Washington state and educated at Portland State University, Luther Seminary in St. Paul Minnesota and the Graduate Theological Union at Berkeley. I worked for thirty years as a mission developer (someone who saves fading churches from closure and starts new churches from scratch) and later served as a hospice chaplain. I have written four books (see link on this blog) and many articles.

But that’s not what all this is about. Early in 2017 my left foot was amputated to save my life from a raging infection. That event and the rehabilitation that followed changed me. For one thing I lost seventy-five pounds! But more important the journey (and I still haven’t reached the end) deepened my sense of the constant presence  of God and expanded my vision of the choices we all can make when facing catastrophe or even just the troubles that hound everyday life.

This is a journey toward deeper faith and broader hope. Join me.

James A. Thompson