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– Jim

Evolution, creation, intelligent design–how did the world begin? With faithfulness to the Biblical teaching and help from ancient Pythagorean documents Biblical Scholar Jim Thompson gives a fresh answer to that question. Neither a creationist tome nor a scaffold for any theory of evolution The Physics of Genesis uses the language of quantum mechanics to show that the Book of Genesis tells the story of how a creator constructed a blueprint for a universe and then gave that universe life. This title was a finalist for best Southwest book in the field of religion.

The brutal murder of a Los Alamos physicist provides the setting for an intellectual adventure exploring realms as varied as quantum physics, occult symbolism, radical theology, and secret technologies. The questions surrounding the murder are intriguing , the characters fascinating, and the New Mexico setting provides a colorful backdrop but as the mystery deepens readers find themselves drawn into something more. This experimental ebook makes you, the reader, a participant in creating its characters and the world they inhabit; all of which poses a question: what story are you inhabiting right now and who is really writing it?

Is the Biblical book The Song of Songs actually an erotic poem imported from South India? That question stands at the center of this stunning re-interpretation of the Bible and its surprising proposals for the renewal of Christian worship and practice. Readers will be introduced to ancient and bizarre Christian and Jewish traditions, journey into the Oriental roots of the Mary Cult, and visit decisive moments in the history of Biblical interpretation all of it guided by insights drawn from New Age Quantum Physics. In the end a long repressed but powerful message hidden deep in Biblical tradition will be reclaimed full of fresh possibilities that can transform your life.

We live in a chaotic world. This book shows how we can welcome that craziness and use it as an opportunity to pursue our highest dreams. Author Jim Thompson explores cutting edge discoveries emerging from quantum physics and chaos theory that challenge common sense assumptions about how the world works. Then building on the extraordinary perspectives made possible by these discoveries, he reveals a fresh approach to living drawn from one of the most mysterious and surprising books that has emerged from the ancient world, the Biblical book of Ecclesiastes. As the worlds of ancient wisdom and modern science come together, we discover that the secret to a happy life hides in our willingness to be true to ourselves, an approach to living made practical by crazy times.